Special challenges require special solutions

After a detailed analysis of your requirements, we develop practical solutions for your case. You receive an effective and efficient system solution from one single source. We carry out all work in the areas construction, electrical design and programming in our house. The emphasis is on profitability, especially a successful interaction between human and the machine and a simple and safe usability and maintenance.

Experience grounds innovation – innovation inspires experience

Dönmez Sondermaschinenbau GmbH develops and produces complex special machines since 25 years for the different industry sectors. From the beginning, quality is of the most precious value for us.

The achievement of the highest possible quality is our goal and our motivation. Our team is very qualified and technical up to date. You will see our quality awareness not only in the quality of our products but also in everything else, i. e. in the communication and collaboration with you, in our transparence, in the punctuality and in our interest in your success.

Complex special machines for various industrial sectors

Intensive support during the installation and service beyond the beginning of the production are essential components of our customer-oriented approach. Dönmez Sondermaschinenbau is a competent problem solver with cross-industry project experience. Our intention is to find new ways in the automation and exceed existing limits. The daily dealing with special tasks and their realization makes seemingly impossible problem solving possible.